Service Offering

Magnus Pousette, CEO VOEE Services LLC.

Three game changing value streams

  • Proven and efficient methodology to step-change culture, and implement a new strategy for maintenance driving safety, quality, and reliability.
  • A sound and intuitive process establishing solid preventive maintenance plans, an RCA routine, and trained cross functional OEE improvement teams in year One.
  • Improved maintenance, effective planning and high energy procurement together with our Bad Cost Identification and Elimination program drives cost down.

Safety Performance


  • Regardless of $-value, right thing to do
  • Culture change
    • Reactive → Proactive
    • Happening → Reliability
    • Cut corners → Quality
    • Order/discipline → 5S
    • Individual → Team
  • Top down walk the talk
  • Near miss focus
  • Preventive Safety Actions

Equipment Effectiveness


  • Increased capacity, always big value
  • Unit cost reduction
  • Higher reliability/redundancy;
    • Cash from tighter logistics
    • Improved on time delivery
  • Take out a shift/less overtime
  • Consolidate production lines/plants
  • Platform to drive lean
  • Market flexibility

Bad Cost Elimination®


  • Best maintenance practices → less intervention, less overtime, less material
  • Planning drives efficiency, and enables best in class procurement
  • Sharp and specialized procurement of contractors and material
  • Day one change, then ongoing Bad Cost Identification and Elimination continues improvement program
  • Fixed price (incl. present G&A)
    • Flexibility