About us

We have, we are, and we will improve the world! And we are passionate about it, getting fueled by the value we create for our customers, our people, our business partners, and the planet.

Maintenance of industrial equipment has an enormous, almost scary potential for improvement.


The platform and fundamental belief that this organization is built on, is Integrity. To follow the law is a given, but for us integrity is much more. It is an inner belief that life is too short to cheat, especially when no one is watching. We don’t believe in success at any cost, because we know that we will have success, and we want to enjoy it wholeheartedly and talk about it with joy and pride. In addition; good people are attracted to, and stay in good companies. We also know that running a business with respect, responsibility and integrity will produce the best results.

Using the same line of thinking, Safety is much more than a policy and lots of regulations. To us safety is a core value integrated in everything we do. We are the best in the world, and continuously improving.

Our people are not a "resource", they are VOEE Services, and very resourceful at that. With the best processes and tools available, and personal development to take on bigger challenges, they are growing the company.

Magnus Pousette, CEO VOEE Services LLC.



Unlike most service companies, we like to talk about profit. Your profit, and how we can increase it. Being a performance based service provider, our profit is solely dependent on how we perform. We are all about profit, no hidden agenda, and no hidden profits either. We will proudly share our books with you if you want. Open books.

We are also open and proud about how we use our profits; ¼ is reinvested improving our service offering, ¼ is shared among our employees on top of other incentive programs, ¼ for dividends, and ¼ goes to charity.


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